Zen Body Living

About Me: Dana Ziegler

As the founder of Zen Body Living, I am an ACE-Certified Health Coach and KRI-Certified Yoga Instructor who spent two decades forging body and mind in the fires of Taoist Qigong & Meditation in San Francisco. These days, from the beautiful hamlet of Hendersonville, TN, I design strategies for home and work-- collaborating with clients to optimize their well-being and teaching them how to cultivate balance, both in and out of the office. I have taught meditation and mindfulness practices to recovering addicts, absolute beginners and seasoned sitters alike. I am also the creator and host of "Conversations from Here"-- the well-regarded interview podcast found on Spotify, Apple, Audible and Podbean. In addition, I've studied Chen-style T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Kempo-based self-defense, Tibetan meditation, Zen Shiatsu, Tui Na massage, Pilates, Tango, improvisational dance, acting and voice. The synergy of these many disciplines gives me a uniquely inspiring and richly experienced approach. My mission is to guide my clients in enacting lasting, epic, positive change-- in a mindful, joyful and memorable way!

What you will learn:

-  How to simplify, simplify, simplify

-  How to make space for change
-  How to create a personal environment conducive to well-being
-  How to identify and prioritize what's important
-  How to support personal growth and maintain balance
-  How to build a program for positive, lasting change